Jutting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Jutting:

There is a certain kind of bird that makes its nest high up on the sides of steep cliffs jutting out over the waters of the ocean.

Overhanging the pass was a huge boulder, balanced precariously on the edge of the jutting cliff.

They were now in view of a bare spur or ridge jutting out along the lake from the lofty mountains behind.

Over the cell were jutting rocks, which threw down as the sun was over them, strange shadows, making the most mysterious letters.

Below them, jutting out from the precipitous northern bank, was a low bar of rock over which the river did not sweep.

From all the jutting points swung the thin fluted strips of varech, which sailors use as their barometers.

Grazing his head against a jutting piece of rock reminded him that the passage was growing very small, and it behoved him to stop.

At last he found a jutting point of rock near the cliff edge, and standing above the level.

Scanners swept smoothly over the wilderness of stone jutting up between the ship and the mine.

The rocky wall under which the tent was raised proved to be three hundred feet high, jutting out from beneath the slopes of ice.