Juvenile [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Juvenile:

After a juvenile manta ray coasted by, wings flapping, Sasso raised his arms in a mock touchdown celebration.

At first, juvenile and young adult titles were a priority, Potash explains, followed by readers “seeking to comfort, educate, and delight themselves during their shelter-in-place periods.”

Without a standalone juvenile justice department, the state’s responsibilities are limited and scattered across the agency.

In May, Grendell sent Stacy Hartman’s two teenage sons to juvenile detention after they refused a court-ordered visit with their father.

Rattray suspects that the turtles are likely returning to areas they identified during their juvenile “lost years” as good habitats with few predators and lots of food.

It boils down to juvenile noise rather than thoughtful commentary.

Instead of transporting me to juvenile hall, they drove me to 30th and Commercial.

Under District laws, juvenile criminal matters in the District are confidential.

Researchers studying juvenile trees of the very same species that form the canopy found that the younglings seemed to adapt better to drought-like conditions.

I’m still smiling about it the following morning when we glide past four juvenile bighorn sheep that have pinned themselves between the road and a cliff.