Juvenility [noun]

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Similar views and principles alone can correct a third error of age, namely, the aim to prolong juvenility to an unnatural period.

It takes a jaunty juvenility of spirit to wear a sailor suit properly, and she was not feeling that way these days.

"Though probably you are hardly of an age to see it yet," says Dean, and he smiles at the juvenility of ambition.

Edgar was enthusiastically carolling 15 a ditty which was then popular among Bayport juvenility.

My father once took me—but I can not say at what period of my juvenility—into both houses of Parliament.

These things argue juvenility, and, as Cocom possessed them, he evidently knew the secret of immortality.

I forgave Miss Jessie her singing out of tune, and her juvenility of dress, when I saw her at home.

Ellis turned upon him a regard which carried with it a verdict of the most abandoned juvenility, but made no comment.

He was Age masquerading as Juvenility, and doing it so badly that his real self showed through crevices.

James turned to look at his uncle, noting a little contemptuously the change of his costume, and its extravagant juvenility.