Juxtaposed [verb]

Definition of Juxtaposed:

place side by side

Synonyms of Juxtaposed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Juxtaposed:


Sentence/Example of Juxtaposed:

This technique allowed Mehring to juxtapose color fields — in this case, gold and blue — with simple geometric shapes.

Their body is compressed and not covered with ordinary scales, but with small juxtaposed scutes.

Thus it happened that in Eustacia's brain were juxtaposed the strangest assortment of ideas, from old time and from new.

One could not react too carefully juxtaposed against glaring opposites in a universe filled with few resolutions.

This military criticism and technical discussion juxtaposed to the epic prelude and the epic sequel is a clever device enough.

The two things—elements—don't somehow illustrate each other, and are juxtaposed only by the terrible globe-shrinkage.

It may be that beyond a certain size the firing of the juxtaposed solid head and hollow rattle was difficult for the Mohave.

Their stems are formed of cells or vesicles juxtaposed, showing cavities separated by osmotic walls.

When colours are juxtaposed, they become influenced as to their hue.

Orlando and Adam, ill-fortune and good luck, are juxtaposed.