Kaiser [noun]

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I say "we," because another is mixed up in this business even more seriously than the Kaiser.

Many a spy of the Kaiser had tried to pry there and had been arrested and sentenced to a long term of imprisonment.

It is semi-officially announced that the Kaiser's headquarters are now in France.

Shortly before the outbreak of the war, it is said, the Kaiser ordered a Gloucester spotted pig in this country.

A fierce controversy now ensued between partisans of the Kaiser and the Crown Prince.

The Kaiser has come to this part of the world, it is said, so I expect we shall hear of some strong fighting soon.

I wonder how much of this war and the deaths caused by it will rest on the Kaiser's shoulders.

Ypres—the prize on which the Kaiser had set his heart—seemed at last within the enemy's grasp.

All that he did was to knock at the gate (the Kaiser's gate and the world's), and ask, "IS it achieved, then?"

Kaiser would not; Kaiser looked thunderous tornado on him, with hands rigidly in the vertical direction.