Kayak [noun]

Definition of Kayak:

light, paddled boat

Synonyms of Kayak:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kayak:


Sentence/Example of Kayak:

Get too close to a whale, he warned, and the song can actually shake the kayak.

Load up your kayak and head inland to the Donnell Pond Public Reserved Land, a 14,000-acre forested reserve about an hour’s drive north of Bar Harbor.

After living in that house for a while, Debra finally said to herself, “You know, that river’s not just to look at,” and rented kayaks, something Barry had never done.

Len also documented the Potomac River, which he explored by kayak, and the treatment plant and sewer system.

A lot of people were zipping around on motorboats they had kept in their driveways, also some kayaks like mine.

We supposed that the paddle and the harpoon went with the kayak.

While we were at breakfast, Weymouth came down to report a kayak coming off.

Kiv-i-ung, who had never abused the boy, had gone out with the rest, but his kayak did not capsize.

He was so frightened that he nearly upset his kayak, but he steadied it and arose to his feet, lifting his spear.

He closed his eyes, the backbone became a kayak, and away he sped over the water.