Keening [noun]

Definition of Keening:

grief, complaint

Synonyms of Keening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Keening:

Sentence/Example of Keening:

It rose again a few seconds later as if baffled, but it continued to hover at that point, keening forth its warning.

I watched the tracking screen, listened to the high keening noises coming from the receivers.

Keening in from the lake, the wind made him stagger backwards.

The neighbours keening along with me would be better to me than an estate.

"It is the wild Irish women keening over their dead," he remarked, with perfect unconcern.

At the foot of the gallows sat Sheena moaning, and swaying herself to her musical and rhythmic keening.

The sound in the shrouds and stays began like that of something tearing, and rose to a high keening.

Thus the Irish practice of keening is becoming less and less general.

When he had done this the old woman found herself able to get on with the keening.

The dynamo hummed, raised its pitch to a high, almost intolerable keening note.