Keenly [adverb]

Definition of Keenly:

with concentration

Synonyms of Keenly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Keenly:

Sentence/Example of Keenly:

Every level must be approached with caution and keen situational awareness.

The book arrays random but potent images in a way that recalls surrealism, which was keen on dream logic, but also mid-20th-century pop culture.

People in my hometown definitely don’t fall into the stereotype of knuckle-tatted, beanie-wearing “foragers,” but they’re pretty keen on the good mushroom spots.

In addition to the app, Mini Money Management plans to launch classes and workshops for both children and adults keen to learn more about financial literacy.

The nonprofit is also keen on making its work inclusive with sessions on LGBTQ relationships, abuse in relationships with disabled partners and using the signs of relationship violence to deconstruct racial discrimination.

You may read other reviews in which authors are keen to remind you that true “portrait lenses” tend to start around 85mm in focal length, but I think 65mm makes more sense in this context.

In the same spirit, she has for years been keen on probing the possible anticompetitive effects of market-dominating companies’ troves of data.

The fun with this rollout is that there’s no telling who pushed the button especially when users can set their own user names and unsurprisingly seem keen to pick celebrity names.

Sometimes that money is being recouped from insurers that are keen to see dentists stay in business, says Vujicic.

The Biya government remains keen on recapturing this tax revenue.