Keepsake [noun]

Definition of Keepsake:

something precious

Synonyms of Keepsake:

Opposite/Antonyms of Keepsake:


Sentence/Example of Keepsake:

I connected everyone, and Smith sent off the keepsakes, happy they are with a family member.

Based around the theme of food, each story in the included magazine that’s in the box has keepsake like a tea towel or a coaster that is shared and an added activity to get people cooking.

It was to have appeared in Lady Blessington's Keepsake, presumably in a translation, but was not published in it.

I was at his office to-day, you see, to return him some keepsake of his that I found in an old curiosity shop.

Also, he took the ruby brooch for a friend—and as a sort of keepsake, you know.

With a Spartan-like resolve she at last put every letter and keepsake into the sacrificial flames.

But the keepsake, that had never left its seat for many a year, was too precious to him to be so discarded.

As they went on, the princesses played with the lad's hair, and each one hung her finger-ring in his long locks as a keepsake.

It serves some purpose, perhaps, and it answers as a keepsake: so at least I may not forget you whether or not you forget me.

How foolish; I might give you something for a keepsake which would leave better memories, do you not think so?