Keg [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Keg:

Climbing into a pod and setting the open-date for whenever daily life didn’t require a keg of Purell.

If old Piegan Smith hadn't been sampling the contents of that keg so industriously he would never have made a break.

A small keg, or breaker, was thrown overboard and picked up, with a bag of fifteen or twenty pounds of hardtack.

More than that, he always washed before eating, even if he had to divide the last water in the keg.

Gossoon,' he says, 'put a keg iv sherry wine on th' ice,' he says.

So Ralph fell to on the bag of biscuit and the keg of water, while Duff bathed and bound up his leg as best he could.

The water ran into the pan only as far as the hole in the keg, and it would have to be used before more would flow in.

We must instantly plant a keg of powder, on the outside of the inclosure, and blow them up when they come.

My curiosity impelled me to accept the invitation to the "keg party" as such a jamboree was known among the students.

One of the staff-officers instantly appropriated the keg, and proceeded to share his prize most generously.