Kelpies [noun]

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It is said; and you know of old that the Kelpie sings or plays a strange tune to wile seamen to their death.

A like fate nearly befell the writer when fishing alone one day in a gloomy, forsaken, kelpie-haunted Border hill loch.

For the first hour and a half of that memorable sail, the Kelpie ran lightly before a delicate breeze.

And now do I believe that they are still at play in the crystal halls of the water kelpie, whence no man can rescue them.

Had Ghaoth slain the kelpie, and was he now perishing there with his teeth fixed in the neck of the Sea-Woman?

Perhaps it was the kelpie who was trying to lure Nial to her arms; or mayhap Nial had seen her, and was putting a rosad upon her.

All she knew was the roar of the linn, the wail of the kelpie, and that—that withering scream of the dead man.

To men who believed in kelpie and wraith and the second sight, a belief in witch and warlock was easy enough.

In another instant he would have been killed or maimed for life, and Kelpie loose and scouring the streets of Duff Harbor.

Before he finished his sentence Kelpie was leveling herself along the road for the sea-gate.