Kennel [noun]

Definition of Kennel:

dog lodging

Synonyms of Kennel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kennel:


Sentence/Example of Kennel:

Skilled physicians feign indifference to their calling that they may smack of the kennel and the hunting-field.

Frequently he brings his patient to his own kennel, and takes care of him until he either gets well or dies.

In the following extract, the 'kennel' means the city of Geneva; the 'puddle' its lake, and the 'wall' its rampart.

Kit could only think of a lost, homesick dog begging for the scent of the trail to his own kennel.

Reducing more and more that famishing dog-kennel of a Brandenburg into a fruitful arable field.

"There's your kennel," said Butsey White, indicating the bed.

Wild Horses at Play, Texas, of all colours, like a kennel of hounds.

Being a spaniel, he was not a very large dog, but his kennel was as roomy as if he was a great Dane.

With a bound—a spring that sent Mr. Plimmins sprawling in the kennel, he darted across the road, and fled down an opposite lane.

I have seen his body in the kennel; another has fled along the roofs—a desperate fellow!