Kerf [noun]

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Cut your kerf on the side toward the landing place, let the notch go half-way or a trifle more through the trunk.

When the first kerf is finished begin another one on the opposite side of the tree a little higher than the first one (Fig. 114).

Two pieces of wood are glued one on the top of the other, the required angle is transferred thereto, and the saw kerf made.

The first chips that flew were ten inches long, but they quickly dwindled as the kerf sank in.

The butt-kerf was two-thirds through the tree when Yan called "One minute up."

Methodically they opened the "kerf," each face almost as smooth as though it had been sawn.

Breakfast dispatched, the boys hurried over to watch the two-bitted axe biting its huge kerf in the side of a ten-foot trunk.

The work should be so laid out that the saw kerf is on the discarded side of the material.

Until the kerf is well started, the saw should be held so that the teeth just touch the wood.

Caleb stood up in front, holding on by a stake, and wondering all the while what Raymond could mean by a kerf.