Kettledrums [noun]

Definition of Kettledrums:

percussion instrument

Synonyms of Kettledrums:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kettledrums:


Sentence/Example of Kettledrums:

The carpenter sat beside him with a kettledrum, more literally a kettledrum even than the real thing, for that drum was a kettle!

Dicky Wyatt writes, in answer to Helvellyn, that the word "Kettledrum" means a large social party.

It was about a fine kettledrum all tasselled in royal fashion, with gold and silver, that Ibrahim's father had given him.

The names given during the middle ages to the kettledrum are derived from the East.

Said the slave-girl: “The large kettledrum sounds so sad to-day; some misfortune must surely have happened to the kettledrummer!”

In the deep silence, Simon's heartbeat thundered in his ears like a kettledrum.

The band at Holboch consisted of a kettledrum and a concertina.

The kettledrum is struck at about a quarter of the diameter from the ring.

The origin of the kettledrum is remote and must be sought in the East.

Oh, replied Mr. Kettledrum, you should hear the Dook admire it.