Keyboarding [verb]

Definition of Keyboarding:

transfer data from one computer system to another

Synonyms of Keyboarding:

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Sentence/Example of Keyboarding:

Create keyboard shortcuts with third-party programsA handful of third-party programs will help you create custom keyboard shortcuts for Windows.

Conference attendees will be able to use their keyboards to chat and ask questions during presentations.

Although computer technology is often necessary today, using a pen or pencil activates more areas of your brain than a keyboard does.

Now, however, the company has released a $70 complete computer package based on the Raspberry Pi 4 and the whole thing fits inside a rather normal-looking keyboard.

Especially now that iPadOS supports more mouse and keyboard features, it’s easier than ever to eschew a dedicated laptop or desktop and go full iPad.

It can be the “ghost that hovers over the keyboard” for prominent women online, describes one interviewee in Sobieraj’s book.

The vending machines with free tech—keyboards, mice, headphones, things that cost hundreds of dollars are there for the taking.

These include harvesting energy from impacts on tabletops, falling rain — even keyboards.

The computer will also directly charge the keyboard while it’s attached so you don’t have to plug it in separately.

The Fold’s new keyboard also will have to rate against the ThinkPad’s almost 30-year history of industry-best laptop keyboards.