Khaki [adjective]

Definition of Khaki:

dark, burnished color

Synonyms of Khaki:

Opposite/Antonyms of Khaki:


Sentence/Example of Khaki:

He was dressed in khaki—a garb much affected by transcontinental automobile tourists.

The Adventure Girls were dressed alike in brown breeches, leather boots, and khaki shirts with brown silk ties to match.

Gwynne wore his khaki riding-clothes, but it was doubtful if any one would be critical in San Francisco that morning.

From the lowest buckle he went on to the top one, where Cash's khaki trousers were tucked inside with a deep fold on top.

Susie Billings, minus her khaki and cartridges, looked the picture of demureness in white muslin and baby-blue ribbons.

I want to find out more about your suggestion for khaki flannel shirts.

Would you kindly look in my unpainted tin-lined box and get me out a pair of khaki puttees.

Virginia has taught me and we are elbow-deep in gray and khaki wool.

All of us were in khaki with tin helmets upon our heads and gas masks swung over our shoulders.

A locust-storm passed over the hospital to-day—a cloud of fluttering insects, with dull red bodies and khaki wings.