Kidder [adjective]

Definition of Kidder:

unskilled, unfamiliar

Opposite/Antonyms of Kidder:

Sentence/Example of Kidder:

Bishop Kidder was 'an exemplary and learned man of the simplest and most charitable character.'

I couldn't seem to convince him of anything but that I was "some little kidder."

Kidder's medical battery used forty years ago or more, and still used and purchasable in its first form, was a dynamo.

The names of all Lovewell's party, and biographical notices of some of them, are also given by Mr. Kidder.

Mr. Kidder always shrank from publicity, and led a thoroughly domestic life.

I would say here that all Mr. Kidder has advanced, may be admitted, without the least detriment to the main purpose of my article.

It appears that a friend of Mr. Kidder, a physician “of great ability,” on reading my article was caused great disquietude.

In 1876 Mr. Henry P. Kidder was elected to this office,--a position he held for ten years.

It is a large octavo, consisting of fifty pages of engraved text, and is embellished with a likeness of Mr. Kidder.

Patricia Scott and Cora Kidder likewise were sitting on the edges of their cots.