Kiddies [noun]

Definition of Kiddies:

very young person

Synonyms of Kiddies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kiddies:



Sentence/Example of Kiddies:

And at last Kiddie Katydid told him that it was Mr. Nighthawk that he had heard.

Kiddie had explained 94 to him how Mr. Nighthawk caught his meals on the wing.

There have been times when H. 3rd has refused my most earnest pleas that he ride his kiddie car up and down the hall.

"It was very good of you to help the kiddie with her bike," said Johnny, as he splashed the petrol into the tank.

I didn't mean nothin', I was only kiddie' you—what's the use of gettin' nutty over a jest?

I saw a kiddie nearly killed this afternoon shooting across a road, down hill, on his sled.

Leaning slightly towards his wife, he added: "I'm afraid it can't be a bottle of the one and only these days, kiddie."

Through all this strenuous time "The Kiddie," for instance, played her full part.

The cable car isn't a car at all, children, but is a hilly-cum-go, a species of rocking horse and a grown-up kiddie-kar.

Only the other day I saw a kiddie avoiding every crack and muttering some incantation as he walked along.