Kidnaped [verb]

Definition of Kidnaped:

abduct; hold for ransom

Synonyms of Kidnaped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kidnaped:

Sentence/Example of Kidnaped:

So, it is disequilibrium behavior — as long as everyone pays, there is no need to kidnap anybody.

Face recognition, used with careful limitations, could help identify children who’ve been kidnapped or trafficked.

Cut through zip tiesImagine you’ve been kidnapped and bound with zip ties!

Concerned she’d been kidnapped, people across Mexico mobilized to find her.

Days later, seven-year-old Fátima Aldrighett – kidnapped while waiting for her mother to pick her up from school – was found naked in a plastic bag.

Most exquisite Chiffinch, thou art turned micher as well as padder—Canst both rob a man and kidnap him!

As the sergeant departed he warned Mr. Traill, laughingly, that he meant to kidnap Bobby the very first chance he got.

Two gentlemen of this city were eminently, but secretly, active in their attempt to kidnap their victim.

Mr. Traill fixed an accusing eye on the soldier, remembering suddenly his laughing threat to kidnap Bobby.

The Federal Judges sought to kidnap the citizens of Boston and to punish all such as opposed man-stealing.