Kidnapped [adjective]

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It seems probable that he must have been kidnapped when very young, or found while astray in the woods.

About the following, let there be no mistake: I will not write the abstract of Kidnapped; write it who will, I will not.

When he was old he established a seraglio of fifteen-year-old girls, the most beautiful that could be bought or kidnapped.

Seamen were kidnapped, often after a bloody struggle, and if caught inland were sent to the ports ironed like criminals.

The enmity that caused you to be kidnapped and carried away into the mountains still exists, and exists in even greater measure.

Instead, they were practically kidnapped by force, and treated—or rather ill-treated—as slaves for several years.

I sometimes wonder if I could have been kidnapped as a baby, and changed.'

If she was enticed away by artful blandishments, or kidnapped by cruel violence, we knew not.

Then all the mothers of the kidnapped girls chanted the weird and doleful death lament.

A human being thus kidnapped and carried away would have been quite helpless.