Kidnapper [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kidnapper:

One story alleges that he kidnapped a 12-year-old girl for ransom and the judge made him choose between jail or the Spanish Navy.

He served as a go-between during kidnapping cases and revolutionary negotiations.

In 2006, he received another prison sentence—this one for eight years—for plotting to kidnap the teenage daughter of a Romanian businessman.

They kidnapped Captain America’s best friend and brainwashed him.

She and her boyfriend, Carl Austin Hall, kidnapped the boy and demanded ransom from his parents.

In October, the FBI arrested a group of Michigan extremists and charged them with plotting to kidnap the state’s governor.

In 1995, the government kidnapped the second-highest Buddhist spiritual figure, the Panchen Lama, when he was 6.

Mr. Miller pursued the kidnapper and found the girl at Baltimore, and brought a charge of kidnapping against McCreary.

I made up my mind that if one more person said to me, ‘How did the kidnapper get in?’

Now the reason I connect the kidnapper and the blackmailer is twofold.