Killed [verb]

Definition of Killed:

deprive of existence; destroy

Synonyms of Killed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Killed:

Sentence/Example of Killed:

His zeal led him among foreigners as a missionary; after visiting Bohemia, he went among the Poles, by whom he was killed.

The enemy were pursued and annoyed by a few hundred of the citizens under Wooster and Arnold; the former was killed.

A hundred more had been taken during the night fighting, but there was treachery and some of those were killed.

The result was that some 40 rebels were killed, others taken prisoners, and the remainder escaped into the planted fields.

Every leader was killed, and every peaceful native whom the Spaniards met on their way was unmercifully treated.

We know one thing—the men that killed Rutter are the ones that held us up, and got off with that money of mine.

These residents then killed the parish priest, and without arms fled for safety to the mountain ravines.

The village was held by about 400 armed natives, who had killed one native and two European soldiers on the way.

Tombs had two horses shot under him, and thirteen out of fifty men in his battery were killed or wounded.

British stated their loss at 103, killed, wounded and missing, and that they had taken 495 American prisoners.