Killer [noun]

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You go on Netflix and the most highly watched shows are the ones that are unsolved mysteries, or this serial-killer profile.

We do not, for instance, see killer whale pods where females learn special behaviors only from females, and pass these on only to other females.

Of 99 observed deaths, 21 could be attributed to infanticide, always by female killers.

The ichthyosaur could have injured its neck while holding the thalattosaur in its jaws and thrashing its head, which is how crocodiles and killer whales rip up their food without particularly sharp teeth.

The immune responses they produced in the treated volunteers suggest a vaccine to protect people against the killer virus might be close.

For several years, researchers at Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, had been working on a system to wipe out killer germs.

For example, Cohn and others who study Jennifer’s generation have learned that women who were exposed to a certain insect killer in the womb and during puberty are more likely to develop breast cancer in their 40s and 50s.

This was after the killer had already been caught and had confessed.

But the knife and the thin, dirty fingers of the killer did not permit his body to alter its position.

The killer walked to the bushes at the west side of the gate, parted the branches with his dirty fingers.