Killers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Killers:

No word was spoken until the last of the four killers had filed away to secure their horses and be gone.

Killers had come out of the sky, and they were burning—burning—All living things were fleeing before them.

"Professional killers, to dispose of you," Rockford finished.

The leader of the killers was a white man they called Captain Hess.

In spite of its rounded head and mild doggy face, the fisher belongs to those killers, the weasels.

Children were turned into like-faced killers, always on the alert to deal out death.

Pain-killers went to work and he slowly came out of the dark cloud that had enveloped his brain since the crash.

So, along with all the rest of the harmony-killers, I am saddled for life with this ornithological incubus.

The hogs, we find, are very good rat-killers; but they do not seem to be able to keep the numbers down.

The two lady-killers at the window heard the words and nudged one another, with a stifled chuckle at their comrade's predicament.