Kilt [noun]

Definition of Kilt:

ladies' garment that hangs from waist

Synonyms of Kilt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kilt:

Sentence/Example of Kilt:

Now, Highland regiments had fought in India for many a year before the Mutiny, and the kilt was no new thing in native eyes.

I thought: "Poah helpless crittahs, jes' goin' away t' git kilt."

When de oberseer, George Harris, 'ud start ter beat a slave dey larned ter yell fer Mr. Buck an' make lak dey wus gittin' kilt.

We can't fall upon luck of any sort—good, bad or indifferent—that is where I'm broke and spiled and kilt hintirely.

Ef he done kilt dat woman, de white folks goin' to git him sho'ly—sho'ly.

It was hard to convince th' nation that they hadn't lost th' war with Rooshya because not so many Rooshyans had been kilt as Japs.

But the thought of gettin' kilt before ever I'd made you Mrs. Murphy was too much for me.

But mah foot nigh bout kilt me and thet foot is whut is the mattah wid me terday.

Fust fing Jube knows he'll be hobblin er round on two legs ef he aint kilt rite ded.

Sposin yer und young missis gits kilt—whot in de name ob Gawd is ergwine ter cum ob tother ones?