Kilter [noun]

Definition of Kilter:


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Sentence/Example of Kilter:

He can't talk much, though; 'tain't good fur him; his lungs is out er kilter.

The truth is, I have never got over the last influenza yet, and am miserably out of heart and out of kilter.

And telepathy or perception goes out of kilter first because the psi is a very delicate factor.

That means, the basic atoms of matter had been thrown out of kilter, sorta deranged.

"Your thought-works are out of kilter, Sis," declared Chet, laughing again.

You can see it now, though it is all out of gear and kilter.

It came there yesterday afternoon, and seems to be out of kilter.

Thats so, those youngsters might get something out of kilter, agreed Ned, springing up.

Aunt Atossa did not like being "caught in a kilter," so she went out of her way to be disagreeable.

We've had some reports that some of the government machines are out of kilter, and I'd like you to go over them for me.