Kindheartedness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kindheartedness:

Fortunately Marie found in a young Englishwoman a treasure of knowledge, intelligence, and kindheartedness.

I could show hundreds of instances of kindheartedness to all persons, irrespective of race.

But how about the virtues that you don't get fined for not having—truthfulness, unselfishness, kindheartedness and all those?

Rover is a most feeling, sweet dispositioned dog—one instance of his affection and kindheartedness I cannot omit.

We never carried wine before, but this was precious as an expression of kindheartedness on the part of the donors.

Kindliness of Women--Wherever you go, you will find kindheartedness amongst women.

This testimony as to Smith's kindheartedness I found to be often repeated in the annals of Mormon families.

Indeed I have been entertained with the mixture of bustle, importance, and kindheartedness which he displays.

Aunt Juley, with her well-known kindheartedness, hastened to set people at their ease again.

With kindheartedness you must look upon friends, who are kind-hearted towards you.