Kindle [verb]

Definition of Kindle:

start a fire

Synonyms of Kindle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kindle:

Sentence/Example of Kindle:

The trauma of 2020 has kindled unparalleled disruptions in art, politics and social activism — not to mention science and health, which have been tested like never before.

And I will kindle a fire in the wall of Damascus, and it shall devour the strong holds of Benadad.

Divine odours breathe from the body, which shines like gold amid the flames that refuse to kindle upon it.

Try to get her warm by covering her with care, and drawing her bed near the large fire which you must kindle immediately.

May we be of those who have worshipped Agni with the gift of offerings, who cause him to thrive and kindle him.

We the manly ones will kindle thee the manly god, O manly Agni, who shinest mightily.

The priests, eager to set to work the Rita, kindle with quick strength Agni the governor, him who crosses the waters.

The question with Jack was whether he should stop and kindle a fire, or wait until he reached the cavern.

Not even this report could kindle the philosophical William into warmth.

As he listened, Andrea felt the dull ashes of his love stir and kindle.