Kindred [adjective]

Definition of Kindred:

corresponding, matching

Synonyms of Kindred:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kindred:

Sentence/Example of Kindred:

The exile too, far from home and kindred smokes on as he muses of happier hours gone never to return.

Of the Feralia of February 21, the culmination of the festival of the kindred dead (Parentalia), we have already spoken.

Lady Laura had been away from her own home and kindred some twelve years, and it seemed to her half a lifetime.

The third largest employer of workers engaged in manufacturing is the food and kindred products industry.

From the original social group another and closer community seems gradually to have developed, the group of kindred.

I venture to believe that you have not made a mistake in considering me a kindred spirit.

Tatsu has been without kindred,—he knows not yet the sacred duties of filial love.

It is to claim kindred with the brotherhood that swell surgeons vent their “blasted!”

We would write bloods,with the meaning: Those whom wrongs to kindred or to themselves, etc.

This day a genteel woman came to me, claiming kindred of me, as she had once done before, and borrowed 10s.