Kinds [noun]

Definition of Kinds:

class, species

Synonyms of Kinds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kinds:


Sentence/Example of Kinds:

It goes without saying that Ferns of all kinds are interesting plants to grow in the garden and house.

In such conditions many kinds which do not flourish very freely in the open garden, grow into handsome specimens.

Bacteria of various kinds, especially staphylococci, are usually numerous.

They affirmed it was an antidote to all poison; that it expelled rheums, sour humours, and obstructions of all kinds.

Germany, with characteristic system and detail, provided different kinds of banks to deal with different phases of the situation.

The deposed ruler plotted and planned all kinds of schemes whereby he might be restored to his old position of authority.

Aunty Rosa could penetrate certain kinds of hypocrisy, but not all.

Both the War pipe and Peace pipe are the most sacred and the most highly valued of all the various kinds.

In its essential nature socialism is nothing but a proposal for certain kinds of economic reform.

During the other seasons there are other kinds of fish, but at that time it was the Herring season.