Kinfolk [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kinfolk:

They had no neighbours and their few stray kinfolk lived at remote distances and were not given to visits or communications.

He and his black-a-vised kinfolk had little to do with the villagers, and the village had even less to do with them.

Now he had settled his affairs and come in the guise of a pilgrim to spend the Christmas season with his kinfolk in England.

Hungary was forced to risk its ethnic kinfolk in Serbia's Vojvodina region.

Anyhow he didn't have any kinfolk in this country, so it don't much matter.

Sometimes it comes out in the society papers immediately after it has been made known to the kinfolk and intimate friends.

I've heard my grandfather say that our kinfolk, who dwell far to the south beyond the big seawater, have the same custom.

Tell your kinfolk and families and friends and neighbors to make bands and hang together.

I love you faithfully, and if you are still my good Rosalie I am ready to marry you here in the presence of my kinfolk.

A shuddering apprehension of the potential effect upon editor and reader makes kinfolk intensely critical.