Kingly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Kingly:

To have a fresh-from-the-garden salad in January is nothing short of kingly.

He continued its sale, however, as a kingly monopoly, allowing only those to engage in it who paid him for the privilege.

Kingly authority was not gained at first through power over men's bodies, but through influence over their minds.

The kingly power among the Jews was checked and hedged by other powers, so that an overgrown tyranny was difficult and unusual.

James thought his kingly power divine And, loathing Puritanic ‘whine,’

His cheek was red,And his eye was clear and bright; He ate and drank with a kingly zest,And peacefully snored at night.

The question, as he held, was one of art, not of kingly predilection.

And the men Page 96 were as feeble as their kingly life was short and precarious.

I would rather own it than its larger brother, the great kingly palace on the opposite side of the bay.

And the people will then be as a converted and restored people the same, what the lion is among the animals, the Kingly nation.