Kingpin [noun]

Definition of Kingpin:

center point about which something

Synonyms of Kingpin:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kingpin:

Sentence/Example of Kingpin:

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said as much in January 2019 when he branded Fortnite a bigger threat to the streaming kingpin than Disney, HBO et al.

“Hey, gaylords, watch this,” said Chris, producing a broken skateboard kingpin from his pocket.

When a local drug kingpin got too close to his players, Thompson warned him to stay away.

Wait now, Bertrand Meade, who seemed to be the kingpin of the whole movement—yes, Meade owned that tiny island.

The rookies, too, look up to you as a kingpin pitcher and batter, and theyll be just clay in your hands.

He said he was the kingpin of the tooth-pullers, and I believe he was.

You are to be a kingpin witness in my case against two pickpockets.

But there's another day, and the kingpin and I may yet lock horns.

On every block he met acquaintances who had even toasted him—with his own wine; toasted him as the kingpin.

I just went out and sent that whole moving picture outfit reeling, Kingpin and all!