Kinsfolk [noun]

Definition of Kinsfolk:

blood relative

Synonyms of Kinsfolk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kinsfolk:


Sentence/Example of Kinsfolk:

There are more chiefs than in other nations, for there is one in every ten or twelve houses, who is head of his kinsfolk.

The turf was not yet green over the grave of the Csar, and she owed a duty to her mother's kinsfolk in Provence.

Their kinsfolk and friends, also, can do much for their aid.

Yes, they were all kinsfolk or friends, whose wedding presents he had returned a month before.

I remember one in particular which was universally practiced by the near kinsfolk.

As he made his way over the divide he saw no recent sign of man or of his own kinsfolk.

Gentlemen of the Jury, you know what verdict America has pronounced on these men and their kinsfolk!

That monument covers the bones of my own kinsfolk; it was their blood which reddened the long, green grass at Lexington.

The eastern side of Jordan, in fact, belonged of right to the kinsfolk of the Israelites, the children of Lot.

She was followed by her kinsfolk, but clung with such tenacity to the altar, that they were compelled to leave her.