Kinsmen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kinsmen:

He found himself among kinsmen who were zealous Roman Catholics.

Then spake Olmod the Old and said: We kinsmen have taken counsel together on this matter, and of one consent are we thereon.

These kinsmen are like red horses, like heroes eager for battle, and they have rushed forward to fight.

So he asked his kinsmen, and nobles, and friends, and neighbours.

They also warmly sympathised with their European kinsmen in the apparently hopeless struggle against the oppression of Napoleon.

Wealth leaves us at death; kinsmen at the 30 grave; but virtues of the mind unto the heavens with us we have.

They are hunters and diggers for roots, while the Hottentots, perhaps their kinsmen, are cattle-breeders.

Among the Maories and their Polynesian kinsmen the priests are the great depositaries of tradition.

Not far from the summering place where clustered the lodges of Pontiac and his kinsmen rose the walls of Fort Detroit.

With what astonishment must Ruth have heard, "The man is near of kin unto us, one of our next kinsmen!"