Kinswoman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kinswoman:

So home, where I found Mrs. Lodum speaking with my wife about her kinswoman which is offered my wife to come as a woman to her.

Or, what more likely than that these ignorant and half-witted people should seek to manage an afflicted kinswoman by violence?

Art thou sure she has not been in her time maid of honour to Queen Mary, our kinswoman, of redhot memory?

Peter Sherringham came humanely to his kinswoman's assistance.

But he was a sportsman—particularly did he wish to impress his kinswoman.

One of the party, a priest from Deventer, had a kinswoman among the nuns, but was not allowed to see her.

Enlightened by her kinswoman, Pompilus apicalis, my mind pictures her wandering stealthily around the Lycosa's rampart.

Mrs. Pendleton had been busy getting the handsome guest-chamber ready for their wealthy kinswoman.

As soon as he received his kinswoman's message he sent a man-at-arms with seven or eight soldiers to recapture the cattle.

"That of the Augusta, thy kinswoman," said Caius Nepos, after a slight moment of hesitation.