Kiosk [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kiosk:

In addition, Google held one of their Product Fairs where Googlers set up kiosks showing off projects they are working on.

Now a service-dog handler will be able to check in online or at a kiosk, just like any other passenger, with the same time requirements.

The company is bringing together these three channels in what it is calling MyMcDonald’s—an experience that includes elements like mobile ordering and digital menu boards and kiosks.

Traditionally, the company’s bread-and-butter has been providing devices to help stores and kiosks take credit cards.

But Momoy had attended the wedding, so his posthumous emotion can be appreciated: he had been near the kiosk.

He stepped out of a kiosk onto an upper deck, thirty feet above the surface.

A veritable kiosk of dreamland now, which one feels is about to disappear for ever under these waters which will subside no more!

No doubt, round their Kiosk there are crowds all day, in roars of laughter, at the chaffing perpetually going on.

They embraced and kissed each other, and the sister led the brother up into the kiosk, and had his horse taken to a stable.

When they had embraced and kissed each other, the sister led her brother to the kiosk and sent his horse to the stables.