Kips [noun]

Definition of Kips:

twin bed, usually stacked; place to sleep

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Sentence/Example of Kips:

If Kip didn't stop his arguing, she wouldn't vouch for him at this meeting tonight at the Weedham home.

In the magnificent reception hall, Kip was introduced to Jeff Weedham.

William Weedham brought scowling eyes to focus upon Kip Burland.

Kip Burland also recognized the handsome, energetic man with the sleek black hair and small, waxed mustache.

Half way toward the thicket, Kip Burland saw that the light had gone out.

Kip Burland was on his feet while the others remained spellbound by the brand of light.

Kip Burland took a few more cautious steps in the direction of the figure in white.

Even from where he stood, Kip Burland could hear the rattle of the milk box top.

It was a tangled trail that Kip Burland followed that night, shadowing that man who wore a telegraph messenger's costume.

From half a block behind the man, Kip watched the messenger walk along side of the bleak walls of Tombs prison.