Kissable [adjective]

Definition of Kissable:

being erotically attractive to another

Synonyms of Kissable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kissable:

Sentence/Example of Kissable:

If the adorable is to be adored and the lovable to be loved, why was not the kissable to be kissed?

We know of one beautiful lady who has not washed her face for three years, yet it is always clean, rosy, sweet and kissable.

Which alone was enough to distinguish Bennie, for Juvenile court children, as a rule, are distinctly not kissable.

There was not a single kissable place about Mrs. Eyrecourt, unpainted, undyed, or unpowdered.

There was the eternal kissable mouth, small, slightly sensual, and utterly disturbing.

But then—she had really tempted him beyond endurance, and he had always thought she had the most kissable mouth in the world.

As Nan said, he always "cleaned up" at the mills and "came home kissable."

Through the whole past evening touchable, squeezeable—even kissable!

It was a little kissable heel, elegant in fashion; one could tell how it belonged aforetime to the footwear of a beautiful girl.

Dorothy read the letter again and again, and then kissed it pending the advent of something more kissable.