Kissing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kissing:

Last week, after the Sabres’ Taylor Hall hit the post on a penalty shot in the third period of a tie game, Vanecek bent over, grabbed the iron and gave it a kiss.

The novel has a thrilling same-sex kiss, post-traumatic stress, taxi cabs, airplanes and a sighting of the king and queen.

The night ended with a kiss and yielded a second date, but not a third.

It’s even less likely that puppers can get infectious and start spreading the disease to humans through boops and kisses.

But my faver says it's un-man-ly to be always kissing, and I did n't fink you'd do vat, Coppy.

In the wagon a fellow is in the act of kissing a girl, while an old woman belabours him about the head.

The chambermaid is otherwise engaged, for an amorous spark is seen to be kissing her in the open doorway.

Do not make any display of affection for even your dearest friend; kissing in public, or embracing, are in bad taste.

It is as much as I can do to prevent myself flinging my arms round the old shop-woman's neck and kissing her flabby cheeks.

"I'll see you again presently, mother," said the lad, kissing his young mother on the forehead.