Kitchenette [noun]

Definition of Kitchenette:

room for cooking food

Synonyms of Kitchenette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kitchenette:


Sentence/Example of Kitchenette:

This historic B&B and its surrounding private cabins with kitchenettes sprawl across 123 acres on the shores of Caspian Lake, in Vermont’s storied Northeast Kingdom.

The Scotchman grilled chops in his tiny kitchenette and baked macaroni too; and made ambrosial hot chocolate.

He waited as Harry Nichols dipped into a kitchenette, then came back with three glasses of soda and a huge black Havana.

He gathered boards, excelsior and the crate and piled them in the kitchenette, which they approximately filled.

It provided two bedrooms, a cheery living room, a dining room and a kitchenette.

Ella hurried into the kitchenette and busied herself with dinner.

There is a small entrance hall, kitchenette, and a balcony before which curtains are drawn.

Yumasa's juggling in the kitchenette; the chap's an artist, when it comes to playing tunes on a chafing-dish.

For five dollars a week she had thus secured a little home in which was combined a sitting-room, bed-room, bath and kitchenette.

Jim lounged in the window and smoked his cigarette while Ella and Mary chattered in the kitchenette.