Kittenish [adjective]

Definition of Kittenish:

frisky, playful

Synonyms of Kittenish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kittenish:

Sentence/Example of Kittenish:

And they finished with a gentle pat on his cheek and a momentary, kittenish rumpling of his hair.

A little kitten came up out of the garden and said something kittenish to me, and then I heard a muffled step within.

She tossed her head with a kittenish movement, and arched her poorly pencilled eyebrows.

While this kittenish comedy was going on something younger and more tragical was in progress in the two adjacent houses.

This object is not to be accomplished by adopting juvenile dress and kittenish ways.

As Stella climbed into the saddle, Hatrack gave two or three kittenish jumps, and the crowd yelled.

Gallant hidalgo, infuriately jealous, kittenish lady, made nocturnal orisons.

Only Tom Skip-an'-jump, who still kept his kittenish tricks, went frisking after his tail and turning somersaults in the hay.

Look at Steele now,—in the late fifties, but just at the mention of a name like Josie Vernon he gets kittenish!

Cherry was her father's own daughter, and, with all her kittenish softness, had a very decided will of her own.