Kitty [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Kitty:

The nimble little rogue darted into a hole before kitty could even get her paw on his tail.

If it suits your evolutions, aunt Kitty and myself meditate a Sussex journey next week.

If any one had told Kitty Tynan that she had rare imagination, she would have wondered what was meant.

Kitty Tynan had certainly enough imagination to make her cherish a mystery.

In action, however, as when Kitty Tynan helped him on with his coat, he was a pure improvisation of nature.

Kitty Tynan thought of the unopened letter in a woman's handwriting in the green baize desk in her mother's house.

As he looked ahead of him the first face he saw was that of Kitty Tynan, and something in it startled him.

The look in Kitty Tynan's face reminded him of that farmer's lass in his boyhood's history.

"Here's Kitty," said the maker of mineral waters, as there was the swish of a skirt at the door.

Then, as though with sudden impulse, Kitty came forward to Crozier and leaned over him.