Klutz [noun]

Definition of Klutz:

clumsy person

Synonyms of Klutz:

Opposite/Antonyms of Klutz:


Sentence/Example of Klutz:

Letty had been strangely content with her German lessons from Herr Klutz.

"I do not want cheap wisdom like that," cried Klutz, his eyes ablaze.

Klutz signified by a movement of his head that nothing was wrong at Lohm.

Axel was fairly certain that Klutz had set fire to the stables.

Klutz feebly tried to push the glass away, but Dellwig insisted.

But Klutz, who had shuffled along quickly, was nowhere to be seen.

"I never did believe in Klutz," said his wife, thinking of her apple jelly.

And Dellwig, well known and greatly respected, had supported Klutz.

Klutz had denounced him, to save himself; of that he had not a doubt.

Herr Klutz's coat was clerical, but his brown felt hat and the flower in his buttonhole were typical of the worldliness within.