Knack [noun]

Definition of Knack:

ability, talent

Synonyms of Knack:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knack:

Sentence/Example of Knack:

Rivera has a knack for social media, which he uses to create content for events, speak out about problems in the restaurant industry, or just post pictures of delicious food and cute dogs.

Beautiful table decor isn’t always reliant on candles, flower arrangements, or other knick knacks.

Along the way, it developed a knack for edgy destinations, among them Pakistan’s Karakoram Range, where the highlight was the literally breathtaking ascent to K2’s 16,500-foot base camp.

I feel like I have a knack for speaking up for what I feel, not only the silent majority, but the forgotten Americans who come from places like where I come from.

The robots are not only some of the most advanced in the world, their makers just seem to have a knack for dynamite demos.

As a corporate aviation technician, she combines her love of physics with her knack for fixing stuff.

There is quite a little knack in letting the hand fall so, but when you have once got it, the chord sounds much richer and fuller.

Hope-Jones' enthusiasm knew no bounds and he had the knack of imparting it to those who worked under him.

They possessed the knack of composition and were what Bobby Hargrew called fluid writers.

After several failures, the boys acquired the knack of making up and binding a pack.