Knapsack [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Knapsack:

It’s small enough to fit easily in a knapsack or pocket, and the durable rubber outside edge guards it against banging around too much.

So I marched off, got on the bus, barely able to manage my bulging knapsack, to return books and check out new ones.

A knapsack was filled with food and given Woot the Wanderer to carry upon his back, for the food was for his use alone.

"I'm looking for a man named Halyard," I said, dropping rifle and knapsack on the fresh-cut, fragrant pile of pine.

Magnificent, she said, easing her shoulder of the strap of her knapsack while her eyes followed the driving rain cloud.

The stranger looked at it now and then, and at last rose and put out her hand for her knapsack.

Just before daybreak he slipped out with a knapsack, taking the road towards Meran.

When he reached the brow of the cliff he quickly cast off his knapsack and haversack, and sent them sliding down the icy path.

Did you notice the knapsack thing he was wearing on his back?

Filling his canteen, he opened his knapsack and prepared a hearty meal.