Kneel [verb]

Definition of Kneel:

get down on one's knees

Synonyms of Kneel:

Opposite/Antonyms of Kneel:


Sentence/Example of Kneel:

The men stand, and the women bring with them little carpets, which they spread before them, and on which they either kneel or sit.

The elephant was made to kneel down, a ladder was placed against his side, and Mr. Law and myself took our places.

Nobody notices you if you kneel down on the road to say your prayer, in spite of the fact that you are blocking the traffic.

He bound the child's eyes with a white cloth, and bade him kneel beside the stone with his face to the east.

She done spread down a bed sheet, a sho nuff linen sheet, for us to stan' on, an' dey was a white pillow to kneel down on.

The stranger came forward reverently to kneel between the two nuns.

Thurstane wanted to kneel down and thank her, while Coronado wanted to throw something at her.

Just as they passed the Place Maubert, Chicot rushed out of the litter, and went to kneel down before a house of good appearance.

There was a second shriek, and the girl was pushing Black Hoof aside as she hastened to kneel by her father.

When she did wrong, she would kneel and clasp her hands, seeming earnestly to ask to be forgiven.