Knees [noun]

Definition of Knees:

body part

Synonyms of Knees:

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Sentence/Example of Knees:

Instead, the team took MRI scans of patients’ knees and simulated the process of what a faster imaging process would have created by stripping some of the raw data out, and then used AI to knit that data into a complete picture.

For coach Brad Stevens, the answer should be found by turning him loose in a simple sequence that has brought opponents to their knees all season.

“Again, not outrageous miniskirts—you know, like a couple of inches above her knees, not crazy,” Roberts says.

The proverbial knee, of course, is the one that remained on George Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds.

Its height extends from a batter’s knees to the middle of his chest.

The officer then put his knee on the man’s upper back and neck.

That his friend had withdrawn, was a pledge of his pacific wishes; and, with a lightened countenance, Louis rose from his knee.

To drop on one knee and level his piece was the work of an instant, but unfortunately he snapped a dry twig in doing so.

Her left knee was supported on pillows, and the bed-clothes were raised away from it, for it could tolerate no weight whatever.

With a low moan her head sunk upon the old man's knee, and she shook and trembled with violent emotion.