Knelt [verb]

Definition of Knelt:

get down on one's knees

Synonyms of Knelt:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knelt:


Sentence/Example of Knelt:

What would a man think if his children knelt and begged for his love or for their daily bread?

A horrible foreboding gripped me, and I quickly knelt down and raised the dog's head.

He was flung down heavily, and pinned prone in a corner by one of those bullies who knelt on his spine.

Above the altar before which the priest knelt was an immense carving in imitation of an uprooted tree.

"Follow presently," was his parting command to the man who still knelt upon Rabecque, and with that he vanished too.

Sergeant Burton knelt down and gingerly laid his hand upon the stained linen over the breast of Sir Lucien.

Then they came down and knelt on the ground, and an old man touched their heads together.

A hideous old crone covered with rags knelt beside the Duchesss, who on leaving the church offered her holy water.

Aristide slipped noiselessly to the side of her chair and knelt on one knee and took her hand.

The elder girl knelt at Lucy's feet—her own Lucy whom she still looked upon in her heart as a little child.