Knickers [noun]

Definition of Knickers:

clothing for legs, lower half of body

Synonyms of Knickers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Knickers:


Sentence/Example of Knickers:

No thick-booted undergraduates' holiday-parties nor furry art-students with knickers and bare throats here.

I suppose they'll resolve into baggy knickers and the sort of long shirt with a belt to it the youngsters of your age all wear.

It was not in that pocket, nor in the one on the other side, nor in his knickers.

She sees me, of course, in all stages of dress and undress, and greatly admires my warm spun knickers and stockings!

Then, digging deep in her knickers pocket, she dragged forth a new five dollar bill.

Only the q-b winced with pain: not because of the knickers, but because of that awful length, coming well below the knee.

Minga stood a pretty figure in dark knickers and white chemise.

And what he knows he learned from me when I was votin an he was onny in knickers!

He had always called her mother and kissed her, since the days when he had worn knickers and been Gertrude's chum.

Yet now they are cropping her fair curls, are exchanging her white frock for masculine knickers.